Marie-Dominique Garnier

Professor of English Literature and Gender Studies at the University of Paris 8 at St-Denis (formerly Vincennes University), I have taught there since 1996 and have been attached to the Department of Women’s and Gender Studies since 2007. I divide my teaching between literature, translation studies and gender studies, with particular insistence on the articulation of French philosophy (Deleuze, Derrida, Lyotard, Foucault), queer writing/queer photography. I am a member of “LEGS”– our CNRS/Paris8/Paris10 research laboratory. Some of my recent publications include two co-edited volumes, Cixous sous X (2010) and Cixous Party/Partie de Cixous (2014), and several essays on Cixous. I have published a volume on language and gender, Alphagenre: graphique et politique (2016), and translated an experimental volume of poetry and architecture by Madeline Gins (Helen Keller or Arakawa, 2017).

Full CV

Here is a pdf version of my CV (in French).