My current research projects include a re-reading of contemporary essays by “male” philosophers (Jean-François Lyotard, Gilles Deleuze, Jacques Derrida, Michel Foucault) through gender-based concepts, involving a critique of blind spots in their writing as well as possible paths for the queering/unmounting of their received theoretical voices. In one project the concept of “becoming” imported from the Deleuze and Guattari corpus is revised as a “turning”, a re/volving or re/volting – involving a book-length study of their key-concept, following up on my earlier “V for Deleuze” essay.

Some recent publications have been uploaded on (see below for direct links):


Recently Uploaded Papers

Links Title
link Love of the Löwe
link Animal Writes, Derrida’s Que Donc and Other Tails
link V for Style: Gilles Deleuze on a Mobile Cusp
link “Ce Que l’Essai ‘sçait’ “, Méduse en Sorbonne : Hélène Cixous essayiste » (organisé par F. Regard, Eric Prenowitz, Marta Segarra)
link Madeline Gins’s Ors Poetica Or Reading “Critical Beach” » (Helen Keller Or Arakawa, 1994), Etudes anglaises, no 2/2012, Flirting With Form. Experimental Poetry and Contemporary Audacity, ed. P. Galey, p. 149-161
link “Made/line Gins or Arakawa in Trans-e-lation”, INFLeXions, n° 6, Arakawa and Gins: A Special Issue, (ed. J. Keane and P. Glazebrook), janvier 2013, pp. 317-339.
link “Animal Writes : Derrida’s Que Donc and Other Tails “, Demenageries. Thinking (of) Animals After Derrida, Anne E. Berger & Marta Segarra (ed.) Critical Studies, textes réunis par A. Berger et M. Segarra, Amsterdam: Rodopi, 2011, pp. 23-41.
link “IllIsibles “ : Modernism and Unreadability , Presses Universitaires de la Méditerranée, sous la direction d’I. Alfandary et A. Nesme, 2011, pp. 199-217.
link “Loam, Moles and l’homme : Reversible Hamlet “, Posthumanist Shakespeares, ed. S. Herbrechter et I. Callus, Palgrave Shakespeare Studies, 2012, pp. 194-211.
link “V for Style : Gilles Deleuze on a Mobile Cusp “, Style in Theory, ed. I. Callus, J. Corby, G. Lauri-Lucente, Bloomsbury 2013, pp. 269-286.

Books and Contributions

Links Title
link Dés/des mots/cratie/si
link Cixous Party/Partie de Cixous
link Cixous sous X, d’un coup le nom
link Jardins d’Hiver, Littérature et photographie